Road Construction

A plan to fully fund the Illinois Department of Transportation’s capital program for road and transit will be heard before the Senate Wednesday.

State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) said he plans to fully support the legislation.

“It is imperative these construction programs continue,” said Haine. “Not only do these projects insure we have a sophisticated and proper infrastructure, but they also provide jobs for men and women throughout the state.”

Earlier this month IDOT announced it would cease all road construction projects July 1 due to the lack of state funding. The measure, Senate Bill 2047, would ensure that road construction continues.

Haine has been a strong advocate for ensuring such funds continue to be a priority of the state. In May, Haine passed a Constitutional Amendment through the Senate that would ensure governors could not raid the road fund and spend the money elsewhere.  

“This is of great importance to downstate Illinois,” Haine added. “Our roads, bridges and highways are what allow us to conduct commerce and get from place to place. Without a strong infrastructure, Illinois cannot move forward.”

Senate Bill 2047 would also include payments to local governments from taxes on gas that are used for the maintenance of roads and infrastructure.

The legislation is currently in the House, but is expected to come before the full Senate when the General Assembly reconvenes on Wednesday, June 29.

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Haine VeteransLegislation that would help veterans become business owners was passed out of the Illinois Senate Thursday.

The measure, Senate Bill 324, would create a program at the Illinois Finance Authority that would allow veterans to apply and receive a business loan. The program would be similar to agribusiness and farming programs administered by the state treasurer.

State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton), who is the chief co-sponsor of the measure, said that this initiative would help veterans to receive start-up capital they need to start their own businesses.

“This legislation would create a great program to help those who have served our country. There are so many veterans out there who face adversity when they return from service,” Haine said. “These are people who have great leadership skills, yet lack the resources to funnel those skills into a career that works for them. This measure would provide that avenue. I am happy to be a sponsor of this initiative, and I am happy be able to give back to the veteran community.”

Today, less than 7 percent of returning veterans own their own businesses.

Nearly 550 service members transition from military to civilian life each day, and an estimated 1 million veterans will settle into communities across our country within the next three to five years. This plan would help veterans readjust.

The measure was introduced by Senator Bertino-Tarrant (D-Shorewood). It passed the Senate on Thursday and will now go to the House for consideration.


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Sen. HaineMembers of the Illinois Senate Downstate Caucus held a press conference on Tuesday in support of school funding reform legislation that is being introduced by State Senator Andy Manar (D – Bunker Hill).

The measure, Senate Bill 231, provides that state funding for education would be distributed based on student need while ensuring that no district would receive less state money than it did in the 2015-16 school year.

This measure would bring a much needed increase in funding to schools throughout the Metro East.

State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton), who is the chair of the Downstate Caucus, said he was happy to stand with his colleagues Tuesday to show how important school funding reform is needed throughout the downstate region.

“We have been fighting hard this session to ensure our universities remain open, but if our K-12 system isn’t receiving the resources it needs in order to make sure our children are prepared to go on to higher education, we have a problem,” Haine said. “Education is what pushes Illinois forward. We need an adequate funding formula to ensure kids have the basic knowledge and skill set to grow.”

Multiple members of the Senate Downstate Caucus attended Tuesday’s press conference in an effort to show a united front to support this legislation. School districts throughout Southern Illinois would fare well under the proposal.

For a closer look at the numbers, visit

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Road FundState Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) passed a measure out of the Senate today that would amend the Illinois Constitution to prevent revenues from the state’s road fund from being used for purposes unrelated to transportation.

The measure, HJRCA 36, creates a lock-box for funds that are dedicated to transportation. It would prevent a governor from sweeping the road fund for something else.

“This is a common sense action to take. Fees collected by the state that are related to transportation should be used to reinvest in highways, railroads and bridges,” Haine said.

“This is about ensuring Illinois has the means to keep its infrastructure functional for years to come. When Illinois has a solid infrastructure, our economy is able to grow, and that is what Illinois needs right now: growth. Additionally, when we invest these funds into keeping our roads functional, we create jobs employing people who have contracts with the state. This is a pro-growth measure to keep Illinois moving.”

The amendment was adopted by the Senate on Thursday and it now goes to the governor for consideration.

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