SIUE fundingMore funding for institutions of higher education such as SIU in Edwardsville may soon be on its way. The Senate passed a measure Thursday that would increase funding to universities by another 30 percent.

In April, the General Assembly passed a bipartisan emergency funding plan that would free up funding for universities to keep them open and running. Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the measure last week.

“It is important we work together in a continued effort to make sure our universities have the resources they need to continue to serve our students,” Haine said.

“In the past months SIUE has voiced its concerns, students have rallied and I want them to know I hear their voices. SIUE is an important institution to not only my district, but the state as a whole. The students it attracts bring growth and prosperity to our state.”

The measure, Senate Bill 2048, would give the governor the authority to appropriate more funds for the operational costs of eight public universities throughout Illinois.

The legislation passed the Senate on Thursday and now goes to the House for consideration.

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031716CM0475State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) passed a measure through the Senate Executive Committee on Tuesday that would amend the Illinois Constitution to prevent revenues from the state’s road fund from being used for any purpose unrelated to transportation.

HJRCA 36, which passed the House in April, was originally filed in House by Representative Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg). Senator Haine is the chief Senate sponsor.  

“This measure will ensure that Illinois’ infrastructure will continue to be up to date and usable for generations to come,” Haine said. “A solid infrastructure is essential to any pro-growth agenda to push Illinois’ economy forward. Things like highways, railroads and bridges are quite literally what allows us to move goods and people to conduct commerce and allow for the continued economic advancement of Illinois.”

The measure ensures that any motor fuel tax revenues would only be used for transportation-related purposes. It also would prevent a governor from sweeping the funds and allocating them for other use.

Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton), who is the added chief co-sponsor in the Senate, noted that this legislation is important help to secure jobs related to infrastructure throughout Southern Illinois.

“This measure is of great importance to Southern Illinois,” said Forby. “First, it is ridiculous that we would use transportation-related fees for anything other than the improvement of our infrastructure. This bill fixes that issue. Secondly, when we are improving our roads we are creating jobs for the people who work on our infrastructure.”

The measure passed the Senate Executive Committee on Tuesday and will now go to the Senate floor for consideration.  


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Haine Higher EducationThe Illinois General Assembly passed a bipartisan measure Friday that would free up emergency funding for Illinois schools like Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

“I am happy that we were able to come together and get this immensely important piece of legislation done,” said State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton). “We voted to make sure that students such as the ones who attend SIU in Edwardsville will continue to be taken care of through MAP grant funding. This funding will help SIUE to continue to attract students throughout the Midwest, and continue its role as a key economic driver within Southern Illinois.”

Senate Democrats sent Gov. Bruce Rauner Senate Bill 2046 earlier this month which also includes funding for higher education and MAP grant funding, as well as things like social and senior service programs.

“What remains frustrating is that the governor has a budget on his desk that would have already funded higher education and fix this impasse,” Haine added. “We cannot continue with this back and forth. The governor needs to sign the bill that is on his desk.”

Senate Bill 2059, which would release funding for higher education, passed the Senate Friday and now goes to the governor’s desk for consideration.


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Haine auto theft task force State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) advanced a measure Friday that would protect citizens from excessive impound fees.

After reports of local municipalities charging as much as $500 for a tow release fee, Haine filed the legislation in an effort to bring fairness and efficiency to the process of redeeming vehicles.

“I am happy to see this measure receive such great support by my colleagues in the Senate. When this issue was brought to my attention, I knew it was important that we make sure protections are put in place for the people in our communities,” Haine said. “This bill would protect the people who are unable to move their cars due to unforeseeable circumstances. It is unreasonable to punish people with an excessive impound fee for things that are out of their control.”  

The measure would limit the administrative fee by a local government for impounded vehicles from exceeding the actual cost of services provided. It also prevents a vehicle from being impounded for illegal parking unless it has been there for more than 48 hours or the owner was unable to move the vehicle due to an emergency circumstance. Should attorney fees accrue due to the car being wrongfully impounded, they would be awarded by the county or municipality.  

The measure passed the Senate on Friday and now goes to the House for further consideration.  

Haine noted that due to the statewide complexity of the bill, the House will likely have more work to do on it.


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