050515CM1030As the United States steel industry continues to suffer, the impacts have been heavy hitting throughout the metro-east.

Over the past year, the Granite City Works plant has faced a temporary closure leading layoffs of almost 2,000 employees. While the plant is running at partial capacity now, many of those who are still laid off are facing their second winter with no pay check.

Many have attributed this issue to the dumping of Chinese steel into the U.S. economy, thereby causing U.S. companies to use Chinese steel in construction projects.

State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) has filed a resolution in the Illinois Senate calling on Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to commit to using American-made steel if a national building plan becomes law.

“I don’t want my tax dollars used to buy low-grade, low-cost foreign steel. I don’t want my tax dollars used to prop up overseas steel mills and foreign workers,” Haine said. “We have steel mills and steel workers here who are more than up to the challenge. I want to see Granite City Works at full production and full staffing cranking out steel for these projects, not continually undercut by cheap foreign steel dumped into the U.S. market.”

One of the first things President-elect Donald Trump proposed was putting people to work building roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects across this country. Haine’s resolution calls on the President-elect to do this by stopping the imports and using American made steel in any national building plant.

“While I support the president-elect’s idea of investing in America, I have to admit that I am troubled by his own history of using this cheap foreign steel to build his skyscrapers,” Haine added. “The bottom line is, if we’re going to rebuild America, let’s rebuild it with American steel.”

Senator Haine is also leading the initiative with an online petition. Those interested in signing the petition to urge Congress to use American-Made steel can sign on at www.SenatorHaine.com.

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